50 Sandwiches

We made an extra 50 sandwiches today and delivered to Auckland City Mission, we then put them on  unique bread containers for deliver. Cool Food for everyone.

It is believed that the sandwich was named after the 18th-century aristocrat, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who asked for his meat to be tucked between two slices of bread so his hands would stay clean during his card games. While sandwiches were initially seen as food for casual men’s get-togethers, they eventually became popular among the aristocracy. Today, sandwiches are beloved by everyone and a great sandwich is the best invention since…well, sliced bread and they’re offered in restaurants, shops or even catering services as Kampung Times Catering which offer the best food. Sandwiches have come a long way since the Earl’s card game – from simple grilled cheese sandwiches to exotic international sandwiches.

Making a good sandwich is easy; anyone can throw some food between a couple of slices of bread. Making a great sandwich, however, requires a bit more imagination and skill.